About Us

Learn more about who we are at Club Kick and how we can help improve your football skills.

Club Kick is a distinctive online coaching platform which serves the purpose of helping players and coaches across all different levels.


Founded in 2017 by Jack Folan; an FA qualified coach with previous experience playing reserve and youth team football for a professional club. Club Kick’s coaching platform has been designed and built upon years of experience from professionals across the beautiful game, with the aim of providing a unique approach to football.

With the access of hundreds of coaching drills designed by our coaches, Club Kick looks to cover all aspects of the game from defending when outnumbered to crossing and finishing. Regardless of whether you’re beginning your football journey or already at a professional level, Club Kick has developed a coaching platform to help bring together players and coaches of all ages and abilities.


Club Kick are active users of all social media channels and we will look to deliver you tips and tricks that are used by some of the best coaches and players of today’s game. We will show you how you can integrate some of these amazing skills and techniques into your own game.


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