Complete coaching sessions

A huge selection of content that gives you the chance to deliver high quality coaching sessions.

Deliver professional and elite standard coaching sessions to help you get the most out of your football career.

Across our platform we have a huge variety of coaching sessions designed and developed by Club Kick. Using the experience and knowledge of elite coaches, we believe the coaching sessions available give you every opportunity to make you become either a better player or coach.


At Club Kick, our philosophy is to teach football the correct way and each session takes into account the four fundamentals of football: technical, tactical, psychological and physical. The coaching sessions will not only challenge you, but ultimately help you become either a better player or coach.


Each coaching session provided across the platform gives you a full breakdown on the coaching points, equipment list, the set-up of the session, and how to alter the level of difficulty. The coaching sessions are designed in the following format; a warm-up, a technical drill, a skill drill and a game-related practice.


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