Player Skills and Techniques

A catalogue of football drills to help improve you skills and techniques.

Learn how to use some of the skills and techniques of some of the best players and add them to your game.


In whatever position you play in football, performing a great piece of skill or technique is one of the most rewarding feelings you can have on a pitch. This is why we’ve designed football drills to work on various different skills and techniques such as step overs, long passing, juggling, Cruyff turn and many, many more.


The drills provided give you a full breakdown video on how to perform each skill or technique accurately along with in-depth information on how to take it from the training field all the way into a competitive match.


These drills are designed to be fun and dynamic but also with the purpose of challenging you. Remember, what you practice, is what you’ll do.

Want to improve your skills and technique in a match?