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Let the Journey Begin …..

Ladies and Gentlemen, players and coaches, let me start by saying a massive thank you for visiting Club Kick and I hope you very much enjoy our digital platform. As an individual who has played across all different levels of the football pyramid, from their local Sunday league side all the way up to a professional team, I hope the information and knowledge we provide will help you progress in your football career.


I see this as an exciting opportunity to give you the years of knowledge I’ve acquired and provide ‘you’; the next generation of players and coaches, with the correct information to help you improve your game. Whether you aspire to be the next Lionel Messi or the next Jose Mourinho, Club Kick and I are here to help!


So, what is Club Kick?
First and foremost, Club Kick’s primary goal is to deliver the most fun and dynamic content that can significantly improve your football skills. At Club Kick we provide a bespoke and unique training platform that aims to provide players and coaches with the correct information that they can take from the training field and all the way into a competitive match.


Why did I set up Club Kick?
From the first day I ever laced up a pair of football boots, football has not only been part of my life, but has been my life. Like many young boys from around the UK, my football journey began on a cold, muddy Sunday morning at my local park trying to emulate the greats such as Alan Shearer, Thierry Henry and Paolo Di Canio (and yes, I’m a West Ham fan). I played for various Sunday league teams during my early years, and over time I was fortunate enough to be picked up by a professional club. The transition from playing football against people from my local area to going on to compete against some of the best youth players around the country was a huge difference. This was a massive change in my football career and something that no one had ever prepared me for. Throughout my time at a professional club, I can honestly say it was like a roller coaster and I can think of hundreds upon thousands of reasons on why it didn’t work out. They say hindsight is a beautiful thing, and not to say I done everything wrong but there are many times I sit back and go ‘what if I done that?’ or ‘why didn’t I take the time to listen to others?’ I believe the mistakes I made were easily preventable, but I also wonder how could I have possibly been ready to play for a professional club? And, why wasn’t there something or someone out there to help me prepare for that transition?! As I’ve become a bit older and wiser, I’ve been able to look back and assess the areas in grassroots football that prevented me the opportunity to improve on my skills. I’m sure that there are similar problems that you may also be facing whether you’re a player or a coach. I want Club Kick to deliver content that can give both players and coaches the best opportunity of maximising their potential.

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