Lateral Shuttles

Set Up

  • Area size – 2m x 8m
  • Cones – 4
  • Time – 5 minutes


The player should stand next to one of the end cones.

The player should begin the drill by laterally shuffling towards the closest cone next to their starting cone. When the player reaches the first cone they should laterally shuffle back towards their starting cone. When the player once again reaches the starting cone, they should repeat the drill however this time going to the second nearest cone. The player should look to repeat the process of this drill until they have laterally shuffled to each cone and back.

Look to perform 4 sets of this drill. Each set is two complete shuttles, 1 shuttle each side. Each set should also be followed by 30 secs rest.

Coaching Points

  1. Low centre of gravity to maintain good balance.
  2. Quick foot speed.
  3. Don’t let your feet cross over one another.

Increasing the level of difficulty:

  • Increase the number of cones.
  • Increase the distance between the cones.

Decreasing the level of difficulty:

  • Decrease the number of cones
  • Decrease the distance between the cones.

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