Zig Zags

Set Up

  • Area size – 4m x 15m
  • Cones – 8
  • Time – 5 minutes


The player should stand next to one of the two end cones.

The player should begin drill by sprinting diagonally round the closest cone to them. As soon as the player sprints round the cone, they should sprint diagonally to the cone nearest to them on the opposite side. The player should continue to repeat this process until they’ve reached the final cone. When the player reaches the end cone, which is directly opposite their starting cone, they should turn and repeat the drill until they return back to their starting cone.

Look to perform 4 sets of this drill. Each set should is one complete zig zag. Each set should also be followed by 30 secs rest.

Coaching Points

  1. Low centre of gravity to maintain good balance.
  2. Quick feet, especially when turning.
  3. Don’t let your feet cross over one another.

Increasing the level of difficulty:

  • Increase the number of zig zags.
  • Increase the distance between the cones.

Decreasing the level of difficulty:

  • Decrease the number of zig zags.
  • Decrease the between the cones.

Link to Equipment List

Small Goals