4 Week Home Workout Plan

4 Week Home Workout Plan


The Club Kick Home Workout program is a 4-week training program that you can do at home to improve your football performance.


The program provides you with an elite level, individual training program that you can do at home. All you need to complete this program is a little bit of space and a football, that is it! The program contains a total of 16 workouts that are split over 4 weeks. Each week contains 4 workouts, with each workout being 30 minutes long. Each workout is divided into 3 intervals, with each interval being 10 minutes long.


Each workout will also contain 10 exercises and should be completed like a circuit. The workouts in this program cover ball mastery exercises, plyometric exercises, quick feet exercises, upper & lower body strength exercises, core exercises, and stamina training.


If you feel as though the workouts are too hard or that you are over training, adjust the number of workouts per week from 4 to 3 or adjust the time you are active.


The restrictions and lockdowns may have taken away competitive football away from us, although that does not mean we can not train. It is important that we are stay fit, sharp and ready for when the football is back on. With this program, you will do just that!


Recommended for 14+ years old


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