Dribble To Minecraft

Set Up

  • Area size – 2m x 15m
  • Footballs – 1
  • Cones – 11 – 15
  • Time – 5 minutes


The player should stand next to one of the two cones on either end with the ball at their feet.

The player should begin the drill by running with the ball up to the group of cones opposite them. The player should then proceed to dribble through the cones using different ball mastery techniques whilst keeping close control. When the player has dribbled through the cones, they should run with the ball to the opposite cone. The player should then dribble around the opposite cone and repeat the drill until the set is finished.

Look to perform 4 sets of the drill. Each set should consist of 4 dribbles. Look to have 30-45 seconds rest between each set.

Coaching Points

  1. Close control of the ball.
  2. Ensure the ball is constantly moving between both feet.
  3. Creativity with the ball.

Increasing the level of difficulty:

  • Increase the number of cones.
  • Decrease the distance between the cones.

Decreasing the level of difficulty:

  • Decrease the number of cones.
  • Increase the distance between the cones.