One Cone Wall Passing

Set Up

  • Area size – 5m x 5m
  • Footballs – 1
  • Cones – 1
  • Rebound Board/Wall – 1
  • Time – 5 minutes

The player should stand facing directly opposite the wall with the ball at their feet.

The player should begin the drill by kicking the ball towards the wall and reacting to wherever the ball may go. The player should then take their first touch round the outside of the cone and then play the ball back at the wall. The cone inside the area should be approx. 3 metres from the wall. Throughout the drill, the player should use different ball mastery exercises when receiving the ball. For example, the player could control and play round the cone using a sole drag. The player should repeat the drill whilst keeping the ball inside the area at all times.

Look to perform 3 sets of this drill. Each set should last for 1 minute. Each set should also be followed by 30 secs rest.

Example of ball mastery exercises

Inside of the foot only

Outside of the foot only

Sole drag

Roll over – Use the sole of the foot to roll over the ball.

Coaching Points

  1. Good first touch when receiving the ball.
  2. Accuracy of passing.
  3. Creativity.

Increasing the level of difficulty:

  • Increase the distance between the cone and the wall.
  • Decrease the size of the area.
  • Add difficult ball mastery exercises.

Decreasing the level of difficulty:

  • Decrease the distance between the cone and the wall.
  • Increase the size of the area.
  • Decrease the number of ball mastery exercises.